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:GIFT: JT89006  X-customs support stmp by RunaDaiaru

Age: 17

likes: Cars, video games, making up stories(sometimes), drifting and Street racing

Dislikes: School, Homework & bullies.

Area Time Zone: GMT+10:00

Current Residence: Australia

Journal History

Itallic = My perspective, Normal = Thrasher's perspective

As I turn into the parking lot, the music playing at loud as the speakers could fathom, and the mobian crowds cheering as high as their voices could soar, I look around at the atmosphere that had been created. I could not believe that this entire meeting was organised within a day! Let alone all of the mobians that attended this huge event. As I turn the Momo steering wheel to swing my cars past the bollard polls that held up this concrete jungle, I see rows upon rows of highly sough after cars; Lamborghini, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, they were all here. Cars from as late as the 1980's all the way up to the modern hypercars, you could find anything here. As I turned another corner, I see what looks like a gathering huddle of mobians. There's smoke poring everywhere. I knew that's where I needed to make my presence felt...


"So how much horses you got under there now, Thrasher?" A brown fox who was inspecting the engine bay of the old KPGC10 GT-R I was running in.

"Well... I don't really know Chris, but I think its around about 650hp." I replied. I was circling around the car, making the last of my pre-race checks.

"The suspension looks stock. You sure about this setup Thrash?" A purple cat came around the car and put her arms around my waist. I loved this feeling.

"Well Kiyoto, Joshua did set it up for me. Said that 'A driver doesn't define a car; The car defines the driver'. Plus I need to sharpen up my skills, so hopefully this setup will give me a better understanding of this GT-R..." She turns me around and look me in the eye.

"Oh Thrash... I hope you know what you are doing..." She leans up to me and kisses my lips. I kiss her back.

"Trust me Kiyoto... I know what I'm doing..."


As I sit in the drivers seat, I look through the crowd, and then I spot HIM. A grey hedgehog wearing grey jeans, a black jacket with a red shirt underneath. "That's HIM... Thrasher Kato. A mobian I created three years ago... I look back at when I first created him... he was just a young happy go free kid who wore nothing more than a ragged pair of jeans and a red button up shirt... and now..." I look down at the gauges on my R34 Z-Tune. "He gave up this Z-Tune for that Hakosuka GT-R... I just wanna see whether he can still throw down..." I press the gas pedal fully down. I watch as the RPM needle all the way up to 10,000RPM..."

Thrasher: Request by BlueWolfShadow1050 (request of Thrasher, kudos to :iconbluewolfshadow1050:. Reason it's in here, First ever artwork of Thrasher, apart from a doll maker concept) 


I hear a loud engine revving behind me. I turn around, like everyone else, and spot a silver Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. Whoever was behind the wheel of that thing really wants my attention, and he's certainly got it.

"Who the hell is that?" Chris yells at me.

"I don't know... but I think he's callin' me out..." I look over the R34. "Where have I seen that car before...?

"Well?! Aren't you gonna show him who's boss around here? Or do you want me to do it for you?" Chris hissed at me. It was a rhetorical question, and he knew my answer straight away.

"Don't worry... I got this..."


As I roll up to the KPGC10 Skyline, I review my entire life up to this moment...
The places I've been to...
Thrasher And Kiyoto: Human Form by JT89006 (Bali Trip)

The people I've met... e
very single person whose ever meant something to me... But that doesn't mean I'm always going to be the good guy... If I have to, I'll be the biggest SOAB to ever walk across the pavement. If I believe that justice needs to be served, It will be served...
I'll never back down


As I climb into the cockpit of the Hakosuka, I find that memories of myself are flashing before my eyes...
I remember the duels that I've had...
Yu-Gi-Oh - Thrasher VS Anton - Pt 1Thrasher & Anton: DUEL!
Thrasher: *draw* first i'll place 2 cards face down, then throw a monster face down in DEF mode. that ends my turn.
Anton: okay then MY DRAW!
I summon from my hand “Tune Warrior” in attack mode
Tune Warrior: *** (Earth)
ATK/ 1600 DEF/ 200
Anton: Then I place one face down card, And end my turn.
Thrasher: ok. guess it's my turn. *draw* I'll face one more card face down, then I'll summon my fire trooper in def mode.
Fire trooper
ATK/1000 DEF/1000
Thrasher: Then I'll activate his special ability. Because I was able to successfully summon him, I can inflict 1000 damage to your life points. I'll also activate the spell card, Ookazi, which deals another 800 points worth of damage.
Thrasher LP: 4000
Anton LP: 2200
Thrasher: Now i'll send both cards to the graveyard & end my turn.
Anton: Sheesh! that much damage already? *draws*
Anton: I then place one monster face down in defence mode,
then I attack wi
 (Yu-Gi-Oh Duel RP with :icontheatombomb035:)

Rivalries I've made...
Head to Head by JT89006 (Me [Thrasher] vs :icontrial-the-echidna:)

But most importantly... all the friends that I've made...
RQ: Ten Racers by The-Rozothian-Fox (requested by :iconhammerheadturner:, pic done by :iconthe-rozothian-fox:, incudes Thrasher, 3rd from left)

I'll never ever forget this feeling that I get whenever I'm about to race. I turn the key, and the RB26 comes to life. I press the gas pedal just a little bit, and the RPM's raise by 4 grand. I reach over and grabe the racing harness that I use whenever I'm racing someone. I pull the straps over my shoulders, clip the harness together and tighten the straps.


I wrap both hands around the Momo steering wheel, trying to get the perfect grip. I look around the cockpit, checking the gauges one last time. "Water's good, Oil's good, Engine's good... Okay R... Here we go again..." I mash the gas pedal. The tacho needle dances all around the dial, as the symphony of noise reached my ears...


I grab the steering wheel with my right hand and the gear knob with my left. I close my eyes... and listen to every crank of the camshaft, every grind that the pistons make going up and down the cylinder block. I remove myself spiritually to a place that I always come to whenever I race; The heart of Raven. Raven is a living, breathing mobian. It's just that some people can't see her. She's mysterious, shy, and likes to hide. But I'll follow her, to the grave if I must, because when I race, nothing else matters. I sense her slinging her arm over my shoulder, resting it just behind my head, as she strokes my quills.

"You ready, Thrasher?" She whispers into my ears... I open my eye to find myself back in the drivers seat of the Hakosuka GT-R, looking dead ahead at the carpark track...

"Ready..." I stomp on the throttle, and let the RPM gauge go nuts...


(Both of us)

We look over to each other, our eyes locking onto one another. We both knew why we were here, on this night, at this point in time, and history. Anyone who was there that night saw one of the greatest races in the entire history of street racing. We never wanted to stop, we just wanted to push our cars further and further, breaking the limits of what seemed physically impossible. We know that there is no stopping the two greatest GT-R drivers on Mobius, or even the entire Universe for that matter. That night we were untouchable, and that's the moment that none of us are ever going to forget for as long as we live...


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